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How Do You Keep the Right balls in the Air?

Tue, Sep 30th, 2014 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
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A  fast paced blend of content, comedy, and common sense wisdom on getting a grip on  multi-tasking  24/7 overload, overwork  (overwhelm!)  With humor and heart, ZESTWORKS Speaking & Training founder, Rob Peck offers fresh insights and ‘outside the briefcase’ ideas to reduce burnout, and regain vitality.  

A Phi Beta Kappa grad of an Ivy League college, and a former  professional  juggler  turned  keynote speaker  ‘solopreneur’,  Rob Peck, C.R.P. (Completely Recovered Perfectionist… not !) provides a handy guide to a better balanced and more fulfilling life.

Linking lessons with laughter, Rob shares pragmatic tips on how to do less struggling and constant juggling, and experience more serenity and joy by:

·  Applying 60 second Refresh, Reframe, & Refocus techniques

·  Practicing the concept of Kindfulness to become less self-critical and more self-caring

·  Taking comfort from handy aphorisms like “Pits are also seeds”  and drawing strength from hopeful acronyms like WHOOPS: when humans overcome obstacles, Providence Smiles! (or why some people’s crisp approach to paperwork puts them in  OHIO: only handle it once, and lands the rest of us in MISSISSIPPI: maybe I should save it, since someday it perhaps proves important!)

·  Making peace with imperfection, and trusting that if you can laugh at it, you can live with it; because laughter is like leavening- it helps heavy spirits rise.

If you’re ready to stop being overloaded and under-slept , and start feeling more zestful and successful, carpe diem and come on board. Sign up for IT’S A JUGGLE OUT THERE, and join us on Tuesday 9/30 at 2pm.  There’s no charge and you’ll walk away recharged.  So why not make the last date in September the first day of your better balanced and more fulfilling life? (the only thing you have to lose is your work weary blues)


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