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Webinar (Recorded)

Viveka von Rosen’s "5 ’Secret’ LinkedIn Strategies to Attract More Business" Webinar


Too often well join LinkedIn and other social media sites thinking that there is a silver bullet that will propel us to business success with little or no effort. Then, after months - or years and seeing little return on our time investment, we give up because we’ve attracted little or no new business, no new prospects, no new leads. Sound familiar?

Its not your fault! LinkedIn does little to show you how to create an optimized presence and get new business. In fact, they inhibit your success by not sharing a few easy secrets that will make the difference between success and failure.

But that’s where I come in. In this webinar you will learn the 5 "Secret" features and strategies that will turn your LinkedIn presence into a business generator. In this webinar we will cover:

  • The "secret" use of a LinkedIn feature that will get you found in a LinkedIn search by your target audience
  • How to target your ideal clients so that they will contact you a never cold call again
  • How to turn your LinkedIn connections into viable clients with some free CRM tools
  • How to save yourself hundreds of dollars a year on LinkedIn with a simple contact strategy
  • Techniques for positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in a few minutes a day

These are all tried and true techniques, tools and strategies practiced daily by me and my clients. And now you can implement them as well - creating more visibility and more business on LinkedIn.