The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Brian Smith’s "Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak" Webinar


In this session - led by Author, Speaker and Educator Brian Smith - a leading authority on soft-skills training and leadership development - he’ll review the top tens sins most managers make and more importantly - what you can do to avoid them. You’ll discover the key to motivating a multi-generational workforce and gain some valuable insight into a leadership style that is right for today’s workplace. To manage and lead others in the 21st Century Brian believes you must do three things very well you must be able to communicate, educate and delegate effectively. Your success and the overall success of your organization will depend on your ability to teach, coach and mentor your team members so they can realize their full potential. Great managers and leaders are not born - they are made. Don’t put your career at risk. Learn to manage and lead the 21st Century way.