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Webinar (Recorded)

Carol Mon’s "Stories for Business: Making Your Message Memorable" Webinar


Storytelling in the business world?? Absolutely! Stories are powerful communication tools used for training, persuading, rapport building, selling, fundraising or anytime two humans need to exchange information. Humans are wired to remember information better when delivered in story format. Unlike facts that excite the left-brain, stories, with facts interwoven, engage the whole brain, making the message more memorable. Scientist have studied this phenomenon tracking brain activity and memory. No longer anecdotal, it has been proven stories are powerful business tools.

In this introductory webinar Corporate Storyteller, Carol Mon, shares when to use stories, what elements make a good story and how to find and create business narratives. This webinar benefits trainers, managers, sales people, corporate communicators, small business owners and marketers.