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Webinar (Recorded)

Dr. Tom Hudson’s "Why Not Breast ’Health’ Awareness Month?" Webinar


As we enter Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Thomas Hudson, a diagnostic radiologist specializing in breast imaging, reminds us of the importance of focusing on our health instead of our diseases. Trained in a mind-body-spirit perspective, Dr. Hudson encourages us to think differently, not only about breast health, but about life.

This webinar will be of special interest to women, although anyone interested in their health will benefit from Dr. Hudsons unusual approach and unique perspective. He will shed light on common misconceptions about breast cancer risk and how they add to the fear surrounding this issue. He will also discuss the pros and cons of mammography, a well-known screening test, and thermography, a lesser-known, but increasingly popular test. More importantly, he will show us that our health lies more in our own hands than we thought, and that what we think and believe affects our physical well-being more than we ever imagined.