The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Valerie Sokolosky "Stand Out by Building Your Brand - How to Brand Yourself to Success!"

Branding is not just for products anymore. YOU are a brand.↵Personal branding has become a MUST, not a maybe, if you want to progress in your career or transition into another one, build your own business, add value to your company and stand out from your peers and competition. Personal branding show your uniqueness, your value, your goals... it’s the reason people choose you above your competition.↵↵Five Key Things You Will Have Accomplished by the End of the Session:↵• Understand your unique promise of value↵• Identify your personal attributes↵• Understand the VP’s of Brand You↵• Learn ways to "stand out" and be outstanding!↵• Learn the value of Social Networking