The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Catherine Jewell "New Resume, New Career: Career Connections and Transitions"

Do you wish your resume generated more interviews? In this exclusive webinar, she reveals how you can sharpen and focus your resume to win more interviews. Our fast-paced session will cover:↵•⇥Giving your resume a facelift in 30 minutes or less↵•⇥Customizing your resume for the job you want↵•⇥Positioning your background as “perfect” for the job you are seeking↵•⇥Five questions to uncover your special assets↵•⇥Packing your resume with measurable career successes↵↵Whether you have been in the job market for a while, or are just considering a change, be sure to attend this session. Catherine suggests you bring a copy of your current resume, so you go home with new language to put to use right away.