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Webinar (Recorded)

Scott Hunter’s "The Art of being Outrageously Successful" Webinar


90% of all companies that start each year fail within the first 10 years of business. And of the ones that do survive, 90% report that they do not feel they are achieving their potential. In almost every organization, 10% of the people in sales produce 90% of the results. 90% of the population never reach a place of financial independence. And finally, 90% of the people on the planet have an annual income of $25,000 US or less. 

So what is the reason for these startling statistics? We have been taught, as human beings, to believe a number of things that are simply not true. Like if you know the right things to do and do them you’ll be successful. Or, if you are really smart and work hard, you’ll be successful. Or, it’s who you know or just plain luck. None of these things are true. They are all myths. We’re looking for downtown Chicago with a street map of Detroit. 

In this program, attendees will learn what it takes, year in and year out, no matter what is happening in the world economy, to be outrageously successful and have an outrageously successful organization. They will discover that success has very little to do with what you do, what you know and how hard you work. Truly successful people understand certain principles and use them to produce amazing results. These will all be discussed.