The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Bob Moore’s "Coach-Based Management™ - The Webinar: Strategic Leadership Weapons For The Higher Performing Organization"


Are you a business leader who is ...

  • Looking for the secret weapon for driving growth and profitability?
  • Committed to optimizing capacity to deliver value by providing innovative products and services?
  • Searching for the key to increased employee productivity and customer retention?
  • Ready to move beyond cost-cutting on to strategies that result in sustained growth and profitability?
Then the webinar is for you.
The latest Gallop research reveals that...
  • Your most valuable assets are profitable patrons who are passionate advocates.
  • An emotionally based customer-employee encounter is the critical determinant of financial performance.
  • Emotionally engaged, passionate and highly talented employees are the essential link to your customers.
  • The effectiveness of the team leader/project manager is the single most significant variable in the level of engagement/disengagement of their team.
Bottom line

Teams of emotionally engaged employees deliver customer growth and profitability along with cost-reductions through reduced turnover, absenteeism, theft and safety 2 ½ times greater than disengaged teams. Only teams of top talent can consistently deliver the results you must have in this challenging economy. A coach-based team leader is required to make that happen. 

Coach-based management is an organization-wide strategy for turning good managers in the great team leaders who will turn your good people into top talent. Here are the seven objectives to implement a coach-based management strategy.
Top 7 Learning Objectives
By attending this webinar you will understand the benefits of and requirements for implementing a Coach-based™ Management process for the organization and to become a coach-based team leader including the following specific topics:
  1. The skills that, when mastered, create maximum team member engagement.
  2. The top talent imperative and talent gaps—the realities of the new workforce.
  3. Accountability for measurable results and tossing out myths/traditional beliefs about managing.
  4. The ten fundamentals and essential elements of Coach-based Management™.
  5. Challenges to making the shift to Coach-based Management™ and how to overcome them.
  6. How to measure personal accountability and attributes of effective coach-based team leaders.
  7. The first step to get started.