The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Shep Hyken’s "Moments of Magic®" Webinar


Shep Hyken’s program is about creatingMoments of Magic®↵ for your customers. The focus will be on giving excellent service and ↵creating loyalty. In this webinar, Shep will start the concept of why ↵satisfying customers is no longer good enough. That sets the stage for ↵understanding how to deliver a Moment of Magic®,↵ which is a positive, above-average interaction you have with your ↵customers. So, all of that is the “why.” The “how to” comes in the form ↵of a list of ten strategies that you will be able to implement ↵immediately. These are common sense strategies, that unfortunately, ↵aren’t always so common. 


So↵ sit at your desk, or in a conference room with your colleagues. You ↵will walk away with ideas that you can use immediately to start building↵ loyal relationships and delivering amazing customer service experiences↵ to your customers. In today’s competitive environment it is not about ↵just meeting expectations, it is about exceeding them!