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Webinar (Recorded)

Kathy Klotz-Guest’s "Humanize Your B2B Marketing!" Webinar


All marketers communicate, few really connect. Even in business to business (b2b), relationships happen between people, not entities. Yet, far too much b2b marketing focuses on the wrong things: facts, methodologies, product features, and on and on.

In a world of increasing BS, spin, data and noise, a human touch wins in the marketplace now more than ever. The key to great marketing results is making a human connection with your prospects and customers. Inundating customers, you know, “people,” with non-human, jargon-laden, fact-overloaded, data-driven, and company-focused approaches doesn’t work. People have human challenges, and you need to reach beyond the “logic brain” to make lasting and meaningful emotional connections that lead to customer action!

Join us as we have fun, cut through marketing clutter, and talk about ways to make your marketing more human, and get better business results by doing so!