The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Andrew Winig’s "Conversations Starters" Webinar


Have you heard?

In 95% of business networking situations, prospects automatically tune out your 30-Second Elevator Pitch.


On July 17 we’ll share a simple change in approach that engages them instead.

Join us to learn 3 Elevator Pitch Examples you can use immediately to introduce yourself so youll be remembered, avoid those awkward pauses in conversation, and talk about your business without sounding salesy.

This fast-paced 37-minute webinar will keep you on your toes with cutting edge techniques, real-world examples, and a simpler, more effective approach for starting conversations at networking events.

Lets face it: Your carefully rehearsed Elevator Pitch stops more conversations than it starts. You know it does. You can see your prospects eyes glaze over. Which is especially frustrating because you love what you do, youre just not sure how to describe it.

The reason: Youve developed a 30-Second Elevator Pitch, and no one has ever taken the time to fully explain to you that in 95% of networking situations a 30-Second Elevator Pitch actually scares your prospects away and the simple change in approach that grabs their attention instead.