The Business Webinar Series

Webinar (Recorded)

Taming the E-mail Beast


Every day, managers and professionals are getting buried under a continuing stream of both useful and useless e-mail. Without a system for getting “control of the beast”, professionals spend much of their work (and personal) time spinning wheels and feeling highly unsatisfied.  In this “Quick Tips” program led by Randy Dean, MBA, author of the recent Amazon e-mail bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, you will learn four critical and immediately-usable strategies for effective e-mail management, organization, and prioritization that have helped literally thousands of business professionals regain control and sanity with their e-mail activities.

At the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

·  Understand the nature of e-mail & information overload in today's workplace

·  Use a very simple “rule” for managing all incoming e-mail that allows for both greater speed and prioritization of those messages and embedded tasks

·  Learn how to convert e-mails quickly into tasks, contacts, and calendar items in both Outlook and Gmail

·  Use embedded functions inside of your e-mail that allow you to “automate” frequently-used outgoing messages

·  Reduce distraction by identifying and eliminating one of the key e-mail behaviors leading to lost focus and productivity