Mike O'Horo

Known throughout the law business for the past 20 years simply as “The Coach,” Mike is best described as a “serial innovator.”  

Mike got his start helping lawyers generate new business in 1991 when he developed ResultsPath: Results-Guaranteed Sales Training for the Legal Profession. Through this integrated training, planning and real-time coaching program, he taught a professional marketing/selling process by which lawyers produced dramatic economic results using only existing “lawyering” skills. 

In early 2009, Mike created Decisive Advantage, a budget-neutral, success-based contingency sales coaching service that enabled untrained lawyers to produce immediate revenue. He also conceived and developed TeamPath, the opt-in, role-specific client team process that, in addition to growing the client strategically and economically, teaches lawyers how to develop business relationships based on knowledge of the client's business.

His most recent breakthrough is RainmakerVT, the first interactive virtual business development support training for lawyers. Think “capability on demand via just-in-time training.” It recognizes that lawyers don’t want training, at least not in the abstract. They only want what they need to allow them to perform successfully at what they’re going to do right now. RainmakerVT gives them only what they need, only when they want it.